Fresh Mushrooms or Zucchini ~ $11.25

Lightly battered, deep-fried and served with Hollandaise sauce.

Hot Wings ~ $15.75

These spicy chicken wing are deep-fried and served hot! Comes with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing.

Nacho's a la O'Brady's ~ $14.25

Crunchy tortilla chips piled high and smothered with cheddar cheese, taco meat, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole and jalapeno's. Choice of chicken or beef.


Onion RIngs ~ $9.50

A large amount (even by O'Brady's generous standards) of freshly battered rings.


Brie & Roasted Garlic ~ $15.75

Oven heated Brie cheese with roasted garlic and toasted french bread.

Potato Skins ~ $14.50

Cheddar cheese, real bacon bits, scallions and sour cream.

Beef Tips ~ $15.95

A nice flat iron steak cut into thin pieces grilled to order with your choice of sauce. Zesty orange, sweet and spicy plum or teriyaki.

Chicken Strips ~ $15.50

Nothing foul about this fowl! Tender cuts of breast lightly seasoned and deep-fried.

Chicken strips with fries ~ $16.50

Fried Clam Strips ~ $11.75

Deep-fried clam strips, tarter sauce and fries.

Texas Toothpicks ~ $13.75

Strips of onions & Jalapeno peppers dipped in a light batter, seasoned with cayenne and black pepper. Served with Ranch Dressing.

Fried Bay Shrimp ~ $14.75

A basket of tasty Bay Shrimp, lightly breaded and cooked to a crispy golden brown.

Pretzel ~ $6.75
Toasted pretzel, salted, served with melted cheese.

Cheese Sticks ~ $10.50

Battered, deep-fried mozzarella cheese.


O’Brady’s features the following choices of salad dressings:

Thousand Island, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Chipotle Ranch and Italian.

We feature a house made Vinaigrette.

Make your salad special with a topper:
Flat Iron Steak - $9.95 Chicken Breast - $6.50 3 Chicken Strips - $7.25


The Wedge Salad ~ $7.75

One quarter of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese, tomato and real bacon bits.


Spinach Salad ~ $11.75

Fresh spinach topped with real bacon bits, diced egg, diced tomatoes, served with honey mustard dressing and a roll. Top your salad with a fresh broiled piece of chicken!

Tossed Green Salad ~ $10.75

Crisp lettuce, mushroom, cheese, tomato and sprouts.

Caesar Salad ~ $10.75

Crisp romaine, Parmesan and homemade croutons tossed in our own Caesar dressing.

Chef O'Brady's Salad ~ $15.75

A Variety of meats, cheese, vegetables and egg. A very hearty healthy meal.

Fried Chicken Salad ~ $13.75

Fresh mixed salad greens topped with two fried chicken strips, tomatoes, black olives and cheddar cheese with Chipotle Ranch dressing.

Taco Salad ~ $13.75

A generous portion of America’s favorite salad lettuce, beef, cheese, tomato, guacamole, sour cream and onion served in a toasted taco shell.

Mo's Greek Salad ~ $14.00

A mix of iceberg and romaine lettuce topped with tomato, mushroom, black & kalamata olives, green peppers, red onion, cucumber, pepperoncini and pepperoni, Canadian bacon, mozzarella & feta cheese. Served with garlic bread and our house made vinaigrette dressing.


Soup of the Day ~ Cup $6.00 or Bowl $8.00

Made with a variety of fresh herbs and spices.

Served with a roll and butter.

Chili ~ Cup $6.00 or Bowl $8.00

Delicious homemade chili, just like Mom's.

Served with cheese and onions.


The BIG Fat Chocolate Cake ~ $10.00

A Big 7 Layer chocolate cake, have it heated and add some ice cream. With Ice Cream $11.75


We have a variety of cakes and pies available daily.

Please ask your server for today’s selection.

Apple Pie ~ $7.50

a la mode add ~$1.75

Irish Cream Cheesecake ~ $7.50

Ice Cream ~ $3.75



French Fries ~ $5.75

Coleslaw ~ $3.50

Steamed Rice ~ $3.50

Steamed Vegetables ~ $5.75

Mashed Potatoes ~ $4.75

Side Salad ~ $5.75

Macaroni & Cheese ~ $5.25



Children 11 years and under only!

Served with French Fries or Macaroni and cheese.

Lil' Tot Burger ~ $6.50

Chili Dog ~ $6.50

Hot Dog ~ $5.25

Lil' Tot Cheeseburger ~ $7.25

Cheese Dog ~ $5.75

Grilled Cheese ~ $5.75

Corn Dog ~ $6.75

Chicken Strips ~ $7.75



Soft Drinks ~ $2.95

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, & Root Beer (bottomless)


Hot Chocolate ~ $3.25


Milk ~ Small $2.50 / Large $3.00


Juice ~ $3.25

Apple, Pineapple, Tomato, Cranberry, Grapefruit and Orange Juice

Lemonade ~ $3.25

(One Refill Please)

Hot Tea or Coffee ~ $2.95


Iced Tea ~ $2.95



Country Fried Steak ~ $17.95

With mash potatoes, fresh mixed veggies topped with our own white gravy made with Jimmy Dean Sausage. Choice of soup or salad.

Ribeye Dinner ~ $28.95 (12 oz)

The classic cut of meat charbroiled to order. Served
with your choice of boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes
or French fries, side salad and dinner roll.

New York Steak Dinner ~ $29.95 (12oz)

A beautiful cut of meat for dinner cooked to your specs. Choice of starch served with fresh steamed vegetables, salad and dinner roll.

Pot Roast Dinner ~ $19.95

This is the dinner. Choice sirloin cooked till you can cut it with a fork. Served with boiled potatoes, gravy and steamed fresh vegetables. Served with side salad and dinner roll.

Shepherd's Pie ~ $17.50

A traditional favorite. Meat, potato and fresh vegetables. Served with a pie with salad and dinner roll.

Boneless Short Ribs ~ $28.50

10 ounces of short ribs cooked to perfection with a Demi glaze sauce served with mixed vegetables and choice of starch and dinner salad and roll.

Liver & Onions ~ $19.75

A generous portion of liver and sauteed onions, mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed vegetables. With a side sale and dinner roll.

Crisp Fried Chicken ~ $19.95

Three moist pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and steamed fresh vegetables served with dinner salad and roll.

Fettuccini Alfredo ~ $13.75

Our own Alfredo sauce over fettuccini pasta and we have many ways to enjoy your pasta.

Add +$6.50 Chicken breast

Add +$7.25 Shrimp

Add +$6.50 Vegetarian Style ~ sauteed zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.



House Special ~ $12.00

1/2 Sandwich served with a cup of soup. Choice of B.L.T., corn beef, pastrami, turkey, beef or ham.





O'Brady's Sandwich ~ $12.25

Just what you would make at home! Your choice of ham, turkey, roast beef, and a BLT. Served on white, wheat or rye with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.


Reuben Sandwich ~ $15.75

Fresh Hot corned beef is piled high on marbled rye bread. Topped off with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island Dressing.

Prime Dip ~ $17.95

Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich with Swiss Cheese and Au Jus.

Add Sauteed Onions 1.00

Patty Melt on Rye Bread ~ $13.75

Choice beef, sauteed onion on marble rye with Swiss Cheese.

Hot Pastrami ~ $12.75

Hot pastrami on a toasted onion bun with Dijon mustard, provolone cheese and red onion.

Sourdough Turkey Melt ~ $13.75

Thinly sliced turkey breast, crisp bacon, sliced tomatoes and Swiss cheese piled onto grilled French Sourdough bread. 

Steak Sandwich ~ $18.75

A New York Cut! 7.5 oz of choice. New York strip served on a French roll with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and onion.

Club Sandwich ~ $15.25

Traditional club sandwich mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, bacon, ham turkey, Swiss and American cheese. Choice of bread.

Chicken Surpreme ~ $14.50

A golden brown chicken breast in your choice of sauce: Teriyaki, Barbecue or Hallandaise.


Whole Wheat, Sourdough, White, Marble Rye, Sesame Bun, Kaiser Bun



American, Swiss, Cheddar, Horseradish Cheddar, Provolone, Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, Blue Cheese Crumbles



Mashed Potatoes, Curly Fries, Steak Fries, Tater Tots, Steamed Rice




⅓ lb. ground beef, broiled and served on a sesame roll, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mayonnaise.
Served with bottomless French fries.

Add a cup of soup or salad for $4.25

No. 1 | All American Burger ~ $13.25

A piece of ham, cheese, the burger, another piece of ham and more cheese

No. 2 | Blue Cheese Burger ~ $12.95

A delicious burger, blue cheese, ham and more blue cheese.

No. 3 | Guacamole Burger ~ $12.35

Charbroiled burger, guacamole spread, sprouts and cheese.

No. 4 | Texas Chili Burger ~ $13.95

Our fabulous chili burger, covered with shredded cheese "Good Cowboy food".

No. 5 | O'Brady's Burger ~ $11.50

Simply a delicious burger.

Double your pleasure! Add a Patty $2.75

No. 6 | Cheeseburger ~ $12.50

Bargain burger with Cheese.

No. 7 | Double Cheeseburger ~ $15.25

For the hearty appetite with a taste for cheese.


No. 8 | Turkey Burger ~ $11.50

1/3 of a pound of ground seasoned turkey breast, grilled to perfection.

No. 9 | Australian Wagyu Burger ~ $16.75
Wow, we love this burger here at O’Brady’s. It’s a ½ pound Wagyu patty from Snake River Farms. There is not a better burger anywhere in the world!

No. 10 | London Burger ~ $12.95

Bacon on top of our marvelous cheeseburger. Definitely a Scotland Yard favorite.

No. 11 | Shroom Burger ~ $12.75

A burger with delightful little mushrooms sauteed and piled high.

Add cheese or sauteed onions $1.00

No. 12 | S.O.B (Sauteed Onion Burger) ~ $12.75

A delicious burger smothered in tender sauteed onions.

No. 13 | Jalapeño Burger ~ $12.50

Choice of beef smothered in jalapeno peppers and cheese. Muy Caliente!

No. 14 | Old Smokey Burger ~ $12.75

Charbroiled beef, smoked turkey, smoked ham and cheese.

No. 15 | Swiss Bacon Burger ~ $12.95

A juicy burger smothered in Swiss cheese, bacon and Thousand Island Dressing.

No. 16 | New York Burger ~ $15.50

You guessed it! We start with ½ pound of fresh New York steak and now it’s a hamburger.

No. 17 | The Prime Rib Burger ~ $15.50

We feel the name says it all! Perhaps our choice as the finest burger in the world.

No. 18 | Buffalo Burger ~ $14.50

What else would you expect from Alaska's home of true gourmet burgers. This is a tasty burger!

No. 19 | Honolulu Burger ~ $12.25

Our great burger with a pineapple ring, covered with Swiss cheese and Teriyaki sauce.

No. 20 | Pizza Burger ~ $12.75

Our famous burger topped with mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni.